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ECG pioneers benchmark engineering practices via a cutting-edge multidisciplinary platform and an exceptional track record in the engineering industry. Our in-depth knowledge of Egypt’s distinct market features, diversified international exposure, and highly experienced, client-oriented culture sets us apart in fulfilling our clients need in all sectors that we serve.

The Firm

During the course of a distinguished 46-year track record, ECG has successfully undertaken a substantial list of landmark, mega-scale projects.

An outstanding 46-year record of accomplishment testifies to ECG’s supremacy in the engineering consultancy market. With a total construction value surpassing US$ 80 billion, multiple key projects have been concluded in Egypt and the MENA region covering all key engineering fields. Our multidisciplinary portfolio of specializations includes architecture and landscaping; civil and structure, electromechanical; process and piping, and environmental engineering; and urban development.

ECG is dedicated to Total Quality. Its Quality Assurance and Audit Department reports directly to the Company President. This secures the highest desirable standards throughout all ECG assignments during various projects’ phases. ECG’s Quality Assurance System is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified by Bureau VERITAS.

ECG harnesses the adept expertise and talent of more than 2,000 permanent full-time individuals. Our unique brand of engineers have the capacity to deliver almost the full range of professional engineering services. Those encompass project identification, pre-feasibility/feasibility studies, properties and site appraisals, site selection, design and detailed engineering, construction management and supervision, procurement, inspection, quality control, and personnel training.


We operate via a highly efficient, robust and cross-functional structure that allows for a health and progressive growth in size, skill and quality.

The ECG Organizational Chart shows the relationship between the company’s various divisions and departments. All chart components contribute as required to the overall effort of engineering and construction of any specific project.

It is the policy of ECG to assign to each of its projects a dedicated team. This team is composed of a group of skilled individuals assigned from various divisions on a full-time basis as required. Team members perform their respective duties in accordance with a set planned schedule and budget. Headed by a Project Manager responsible for directing all project activities, the Project Team is sustained during the project lifetime. All members of the Team, whilst responsible to the Project Manager for all matters related to the project, remain responsible to their Section and Department Heads for quality and conformity with design standards and practices adopted in ECG Manuals.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

ECG aspires for a leading global market position by delivering world-class engineering consultancy services, reinforcing world-wide corporate alliances, and upholding top-tier quality and ethical standards as the firm’s backbone of progressive growth.

Vision Statement

Providing tradition of excellence consultancy services exceeding our clients’ expectations and recognized locally and abroad through:

  • Building Robust Client Loyalty. Generate a loyal customer base via full integration with client-driven alliances.
  • Adopting Optimal Engineering Methodologies. Deliver superior value, flexible, cost-effective, and integrated engineering solutions in compliance with the latest design/construction international and local codes and standards across our extensive project portfolio.
  • Empowering Effective Corporate Communication. Develop collaborative communication networking channels to inspire and mobilize all ECG resources at hand to reach out for their full potential.
  • Endorsing Proactive Planning. Design the blueprint for future development and secure sustained strategic repositioning to effectively maneuver rapidly fluctuating global, regional, and local market conditions.


ECG has maintained its status and reputation by incorporating our values in;

Excellence. We apply state-of-the-art technologies whilst adopting an exceptional quality assurance system and seeking innovation and improvement. We thrive upon challenge and accomplishment.

Ethics. Enduring commitment to professional ethical standards is deeply ingrained in every professional conduct and business action undertaken by all ECG staff members. Moral accountability is the backbone of our firm’s operations.

Mutual Respect. Transparency, teamwork, and trust are the main constituents of our roadmap to outstanding performance. Our greatest asset is a corporate culture that cultivates a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and views.

Sustainability. Committed resolution to promote the short-/long-term future welfare of our company, our customers, and the world we live in, is the force empowering our continued growth and expansion.

Environment. Striking the delicate balance between conserving planet Earth’s wealth of resources and serving our projects’ demanding engineering needs constitutes the core of ECG’s operating philosophy from the outset. Our green engineering systems are designed to systematically respect the natural constraints of our planet and preserve its beauty, whilst developing energy-efficient systems that integrate favorably with our obligations towards our client base.

Corporate Social Responsibility. Solidly ingrained in ECG’s corporate environment is an ongoing interest to foster active growth and development within its local and global community. Meanwhile, in handling various business engagements, the firm’s decision-making processes embrace a strict adherence to universally accepted ethical values and abidance with local/international laws and statutes.


ECG is a pioneering engineering company providing high-quality engineering consultancy services to its clients. We are committed to a policy of quality assurance complying with ISO-9001 and ensure that this policy is understood, implemented, and maintained throughout the company.

Originally approved in 2000, our scope of certification includes engineering and technical consultancies comprising project management, engineering/design services, procurement, construction management/supervision for architectural, civil, structural, electrical/power, mechanical, water and wastewater, industrial, and petroleum.

Job Vacancies available at ECG Engineering Consultants Group S.A.

Job Title Job Category Job Location Ending Date
Construction Manager job at ECG Engineering Consultants Group S.A. in Abu Dhabi,UAE




Abu Dhabi



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